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Meet Gail

I grew up with many family dogs, from Spaniels to Terriers. Poodles and German Shepherds and loved them all... I am happiest when I have a dog with me.

It was inevitable that as soon as I could have a dog I would, and I have had rescues and puppies and fostered adolescent and adult dogs so I am very experienced with multiple breeds and dogs from very different backgrounds.


My last foster dog, a German Shepherd called Diesel, was my inspiration to start learning all I could on how dogs think and what motivates them and how to train them. I wanted to know how to build that bond with a canine partner and know wat they like and don't like and how to read them.


I became a dog trainer in 2012 and haven't looked back since.


"You can never learn enough in regard to dogs .. there is always something new to experience"

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My Qualifications

I became a trainer in an outdoor dog club for five years and learnt their training methods around Obedience and Kennel Club classes with positive reinforcement.

I became an Assessor for the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme for Bronze Silver and Gold Awards and ran puppy and adolescent classes before joining another dog training company in 2017. I loved how certain dog sports had a positive effect on dogs and over the year I have competed in Agility, Rally and Canicross.


I am a qualified Instructor and Assessor with Mantrailing Global and a fully qualified member of Association Pet Dog Trainers (APDT member number 01574.)

I have recently completed City & Guilds to be a Canine Scent Instructor with The College of Scent Dogs (TCSD) and I am a full member of the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC).

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