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I'd like to do Mantrailing. Do I need lots of expensive equipment?

You will need a long line and a harness but we have some spares you can borrow until you decide what type you prefer.

What else do I need to bring for Mantrailing?

You will need lots and lots of tasty treats, 2 tupperware type pots and water for your dog. You will also need as Scent article, so an item of clothing that you have worn such as a t-shirt, gloves or scarf, but NOT socks! And please make sure you wear suitable clothing and footware, remember, you'll be outside in muddy fields!

What do I need to bring for Scent Detection?

You will need a long line and a harness. You will also need some treats and preferably a treat bag. If you have a clicker and know how to use one, please bring this along too!

My dog is old and cannot participate in any dog sports anymore – would Mantrailing be suitable?

Mantrailing is a low impact sport suitable for young, old and even some physically disabled dogs as we can tailor the trail to suit the dog.

My dog is very nervous, will this be a problem?

No, we may need to change a couple of things but over time Mantrailing will help with your dog’s confidence and help them feel less nervous.

My dog barks and lunges at other dogs can we still attend?

Yes you can, all dogs are worked one at a time so it won’t be a problem.

My dog barks and lunges at people, is this right for us?

Yes it is. Depending on the severity, we may ask you to bring a person that your dog already knows and likes to start with. Once your dog starts to enjoy the trailing (which is normally within one session), we can start adding other people, which will help to change your dog’s reactions towards people. 

I always struggle to control my dog on a lead, will this be a problem?

Motivation is the key here so with the correct motivation we can trail some of this behaviour out.

My dog doesn’t like treats – will Mantrailing still work?

Yes, as not all dogs are motivated by food. Other things can be used as a reward and some dogs actually find trailing more rewarding than a treat at the end. 

I am not very fit, will I be ok to attend?

Yes, we tailor the trail to suit the dog and the handler, adding more difficulty rather than long distance and difficult terrain. Handlers and dogs can be of any age and ability. 

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