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About Scent Detection


A trained Scent dog is a joy forever!  Scent work has lots of mystique around it and it must be difficult but not so! You can do it anywhere and it is usually done on a long lead. All you need to get started is a dog, a harness, and an open mind. The rewards are great for both canine and handler and there is no activity that builds a closer human -animal bond. Every dog loves scent work and all dogs can do it whether purebred or crossbred. Many dogs start doing scent work on their own everyday with no training at all!  It always brings the handler immense pride in watching their dog accomplish unbelievable things. You both are in this together!

It would be so simple if dogs spoke the same language as us, but they do not. But we can learn to read and understand their communication through scent work. Scent work gives you an opportunity to learn which of their signals mean what!  With scent work too you learn to ‘trust your dog’ . He is the driver and you are the passenger and learning to do this is not easy. Scent work is great for stamina building, improving your dog’s focus and concentration or for rehabilitation for dogs with behavioural issues, dogs on restricted exercise due to illness or injury or just because you want to spend time with your dog enjoying the great outdoors.

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When your dog finds his prize you will see his body posture change, his pace change as he gets closer to his find, hear the sniffing increase to full sniffing and then a head swing or even a slight flick just before he presses his nose into a clump of grass or into a cupboard with your target scent. He might even position himself in a down to look at you for his reward but the whole process is so much fun for both of you! We are the centre of their universe and by using only positive training methods this truly brings out the best in your dog and in you too.